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5000 mile service is our basic oil and filter package, includes our full Blue Canary digital inspection report. Top off all fluids and replace any small bulbs that are out.

This package goes above our normal oil service by adding wipers, air filters, a tire rotation and complete brake check. We will also perform our rodent prevention package.

A 30,000 mile service will add life to your vehicle. During this service our technicians will perform all of the services taken care of during our 5k and 15k service with the addition of a brake flush, antifreeze replacement, and power steering fluid flush.

This total service package includes all of the above services with the addition of a transmission fluid exchange, differential and transfer case fluids changed and of course our complete digital inspection process. At this time we also check for and recommend spark plug and timing belt services.

oil change and maintenanceThe motor oil in your car serves the important function of keeping your engine lubricated and running smoothly, and clean motor oil is the key to a car that drives its best. When you have quality motor oil in your car, you’re helping not only your driving capabilities, but you’re also helping to ensure that your vehicle can last you for years and miles to come. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of your oil change and filter check schedule, especially if you have an older ride that already has its fair share of miles on it. And for the best oil change in Bainbridge Island, WA, you have to come see the team of expert mechanics here at Blue Canary! At Blue Canary, we proudly get drivers like you great auto service at a price that won’t break the bank. Don’t wait around to get your car the maintenance it needs, just see the pros here at Blue Canary for unmatched oil change service in Bainbridge Island, WA today!

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To keep up with the needs of your engine, it’s important to know what your ideal oil change schedule should look like. In general, most newer vehicles will need to come in for an oil change and filter check every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, or every six months, and older models will need to be taken in more frequently. Things like how many miles are on your vehicle, how often you drive long distances, and whether you tow or haul with your car. And the team here at Blue Canary is here to help you get the oil change service you need in Bainbridge Island, WA by being able to answer your questions about your car’s specific needs. Come see the pros at Blue Canary for your next oil change in Bainbridge Island, WA!

Oil Change Service Bainbridge Island WA

For quality oil changes and more in Bainbridge Island, WA, the expertly trained and certified mechanics at Blue Canary have got you covered! Whether it’s a quick oil change service or deeper engine repairs and replacement parts you need, we can handle it right here at our shop, so don’t hesitate to see our team to get the auto service you deserve!

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When you need unmatched oil change service in Bainbridge Island, WA, you come to the trusted team here at Blue Canary! We can get you everything from high mileage to conventional motor oil, all at a price you can afford right here in town! Give us a call or stop by to see us at our shop today!


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